alation. noun. the state of having wings.

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Hi guys! Just stating my welcome. I do already have a permanent M- Shift and Phantom Wings... no matter how much I shove it all in the back of my mind that Avian part of me is always there. Been an Avian for 4+ Yrs. Legit, It's day 1 for me of giving it another shot and my phantom wings, aka. achy back is already returning. lOl. Gotta say, I miss the pain and the stiffness of not being able to bend over. 6.6 I give it a few weeks till I can't bend over. Without me constantly popping a joint.


In spirit we know who we are, sometimes we just have to remind our physical selves~

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I've had bad back pain since I started, and it's not showing signs of stopping

~ Eerie ~

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