alation. noun. the state of having wings.

           A community for the winged

Alation was founded in 2017 as a group for avians (winged humanoids). Our mission is to find more avians and help them grow their wings. In the Archives you will find info regarding our species. 

Site rules:

  1. Everyone is encouraged to post an introduction within the forums.
  2. Please try to keep your posts on-topic.
  3. Lying and/or roleplaying will not be tolerated.
  4. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying.

How to Join:
Just because you are a member on this website does NOT mean you are a member of Alation

To apply to join Alation, contact a moderator on a phone app called Kik


We are looking for members who:

  •  Are serious about growing wings
  • Mature and over the age of 13
  • Have read and acknowledged the "Avian Information" page. 
  • Have kik
  • Want wings because of a significant reason, not just because they look cool. 

Members of Alation

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